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How to add custom field options to any donation form

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At CharityStack, we recognize there may be situations where a nonprofit needs to ask a donor for additional fields in order to get more context and information about their donation or experience as a donor. This is why we've made it possible for nonprofits to add custom field options to any donation form through their nonprofit dashboard.

To enable custom field options on a new donation form, click the "Create" button on the top right corner of the Dashboard. There should now be two options on the dropdown from which you should select "Form" to bring up the below view:

Once you're on the New Donation Form page, click "Custom Fields" for the option to appear.

Now, you can click "add custom field" and type in the Title or Question for the input, select the input type, and determine if the custom field option is required for the donor to donate!

The following three types of custom field options can be added to the donation form as an additional page before the donor makes their payment:

  1. Short Text Inputs

  2. Long Text Inputs

  3. Single Selection Dropdown

Once you've added all of the custom fields you'd like on a specific donation form, all you have to do is click the create button at the bottom right corner. Keep in mind you need to fill out the "Form Options" page as well to make sure your donation form is optimized for you!

To enable custom field options on an existing donation form, go to the Dashboard Forms page and click on the form you'd like to add it to and repeat the same steps as above.

Still not sure how to add custom field options? Watch the below demo for more clarity!

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