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Setting up the Checkout Form
Setting up the Checkout Form

CharityStack's consolidated and composable checkout form. The payment destination for all CharityStack Elements.

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CharityStack's Checkout is a composable form that allows users to enable donations on their website and consolidate the payment experience across all use cases. Checkout allows nonprofits to accept payments from any of the elements that CharityStack provides.


Checkout is a popup form that is embedded on your website that allows you to accept payments anywhere on your website. Checkout is composed of two pages. The left side consists of the summary of the donation and the ability to add additional details to your donations such as company matching or scheduling the donation. The right side consists of either paying through common payments wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay or paying via Credit Card or Bank Transfer.


In order to start accepting payments through Checkout, navigate to the Settings page by clicking the "Account" dropdown on the left menu bar and clicking "Settings."

After navigating to the Setting page, navigate to the Embed page by clicking "Embed." Copy the code that is on the textbox on the page. The same code is in the textbox below:

<!-- Start of CharityStack Embed -->
<script type="text/javascript" defer src=""></script>
<!-- End of CharityStack Embed-->

Once you've copied the code, paste the code at the head of your website and you'll be able to use Checkout anywhere on your website after implementing an embedded form or element.

Video Tutorial:

Watch a quick video tutorial on how to use Checkout today.

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