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Creating an Embedded Form
Creating an Embedded Form
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Embeds are a collection of products that allow you to directly integrate our technology into your website. The main embed product is the Embedded Donation Form which allows you to seamlessly integrate the ability for individuals to donate to your organization right on your website.

Callout: To use Embeds, you must properly set up your website. To read those instructions please go here.

The Embedded Donation Form has a collection of composable features. Primarily, there are two versions of the Embedded Form: the Standard Form and the Crowdfunding


Standard Form

The Standard form allows a nonprofit to accept donations directly from its website. The standard form has four main characteristics:

  • Frequency options for the donor to donate once or subscribe to a recurring donation. The options range from:

    • One-Time

    • Daily

    • Weekly

    • Monthly

    • Yearly

  • The Custom Amount input allows the donor to input their own amount that they wish to donate.

    • The nonprofit user can also enable their form to suggest a preferred donation amount.

  • Amount Buttons allow the donor to be able to quickly select from an array of suggested donation amounts.

  • Fund Dropdown allows the donor to be able to intend their donation towards a specific cause. Every form requires at least one fund. If only one fund is selected, then the fund dropdown will not be shown to the donor, and if more than one fund is selected, then the fund dropdown will be shown.

Crowdfunding Form

The Crowdfunding form is similar to the Standard form in most functionalities, however, it differs in one key capability. The ability to define a title and description for the Amount Buttons.

The Crowdfunding form allows the donor to select a specific amount that may correspond to a particular impact metric or gift. A nonprofit user can only enable up to 4 amount buttons with a Title and Description.

Creating an Embedded Form:

In order to create an Embedded Form, navigate to the dashboard here. When logged in, click the “Create” button at the top right of the dashboard and select the “Embedded Form” option. A side menu should appear from the right that allows you to select the options to now create a form.

At the top of the side menu you’ll see three different tabs:

  • Form Options: This tab allows you to customize the first page of your form.

  • Custom Fields: This tab allows you to enable an optional second page of your form to ask any additional questions for the donor.

  • Tax Receipts: This tab allows you to customize the message that donors receive on their tax-receipt.

On the Form Options tab, there are options 6 sections that you’re able to change in order to customize your form:

  • Form Name enables the nonprofit user to name the form so that it is referenceable in the Embeds Page.

  • Form Type allows the nonprofit user to select between creating a Standard Form and a Crowdfunding Form.

  • Donation Frequencies allow the nonprofit user to enable different frequency types on the form.

  • Additional Info allows the nonprofit user to be able to require a Phone Number, Billing Address, or Country to be selectable at Checkout.

  • Fund Options allow the nonprofit user to be able to create or select an existing fund.

  • Color allows the nonprofit user to select a single color for the form.

Once you’re done customizing your embedded form, click the “Create” button at the bottom right of the side menu. After clicking this button, the “Embed Link” section should generate some code that you’re able to input within your website builder.

Editing an Embedded Form:

If you ever want to edit a form you’ve already created, navigate to the Embed page and navigate to the specific form that you’ve created. Then click the name of the form, and the side menu should appear for you to edit any of the options of the form.

Video Tutorial:

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